Valuable Resources Available for Your Newly Forming or Established Small Businesses

Here are valuable links to resources that will assist you and your team in setting up your new business and references to expert advice on the daily challenges in running a small business



Start-up Help

Whether you are preparing to start a new small business or are working to grow your current venture, there are a number of places you can go for more information to help you craft unique solutions for your small business.


Naming Your Business

Are you just getting started and looking to incorporate a new business? One of the first steps is choosing the right name. The Illinois Secretary of State website will be able to tell you if your prospective name is available

Looking to start a small business and need some guidance?

The AllBusiness.com website not only provides concise information about starting a business but also has materials you can purchase/download that will help you with the planning process.


The website provides a selection of generic forms to help get you started with formalizing various aspects of your business.


Also available is information on creating a business plan along with basic sales and marketing strategies and tactics. This is a must, not only for getting your thoughts together and organizing your small business, but for virtually any type of financing you will apply for.

The Federal Small Business Administration (SBA)

The Federal Small Business Administration’s website provides a large amount of free information and listings on regulations necessary when beginning a small business. Information about the SBA lending solutions is also available.

Small Business Groups

There are a couple of groups for small business owners to join that can help with legal and regulatory issues, the American Small Business Association (ASBA) and the National Small Business Association (NSBA).


Management Help

The strategic growth of your business can be challenging from the early stages of being an entrepreneur with a unique idea to the more mature phase of successfully managing day-to-day operations of a much larger organization with many new challenges. For many business owners, the challenges of building a business represent different skill sets. Getting some help with the management of your business can be crucial to continued success.


The Small Business Gateway (BUZ) site for Illinois provides an extensive listing of Illinois college and university small business council links, as well as links to many Illinois governmental agencies that may have regulations that can impact your small business.



Entrepreneur.com provides small business owners a place to find management information, blogs, and a message board to converse with other small business people to discuss issues related to managing a business.



The Journal of Small Business Management (JSBM) is a publication put together with the cooperation of The International Council of Small Business and the West Virginia University Small Business Council and covers numerous topics related to small business management.



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