Achieve Your Business Goals by Letting Us Work for You

As a business owner, you need access to professional services that ensure your success, while allowing you to maintain your focus on running your business. Your needs will change as conditions change: economic factors, industry-specific challenges, the growth and maturity of your business, changes in tax law, increased competition from foreign and domestic companies, and a host of issues that you face daily.


Recognizing this challenge, we take on the responsibility to understand what you need to succeed. We embrace the need to be flexible, so that your needs define the terms and conditions of our relationship, rather than demand that you conform to our perception of what fits our needs. We are dedicated to serve you as a member of our business.


Please take a look at some of the funding solutions we provide, bearing in mind that we look forward to exploring alternatives outside of these defined parameters.



Commercial Real Estate Financing

We provide favorable financing for all real estate financing needs. Loan terms include loans amortized up to 30 years with balloon payments up to 10 years with financing up to 90% of all costs. We will work with you in optimizing financing terms for your real estate investment needs including:


  • Multi-tenant office
  • Office condo
  • Medical office
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail commercial property
  • Owner occupied commercial property
  • Mixed-use investment property with business and residential
  • Residential investment property
  • Investors seeking cash out of appreciated investment real estate
Refinance Existing Business Loans

If you are frustrated with your current Lender trying to tell you how to run your business or tired of retraining new loan representatives on what your business does and who you are, or perhaps concerned about excessive fees constantly being assessed, consider the Credit Union alternative. We are experienced Lenders with over 30 years of managing through numerous economic cycles, just like you. We respect the determination and skill needed to successfully own and operate a business. We become a resource far beyond simply providing access to funding. Our relationship with business owners is advisory, based on their expressed needs. Our fee structure is explicit and respectful of our business owners need to manage every dollar.

Working Capital Line of Credit

A Revolving Line of Credit is the perfect solution for Businesses experiencing cash constraints due to sales cycles experienced throughout the year. The funds are typically drawn when receivables are high and used to cover operating costs while cash is tight. Then when the payments are strong, the line is paid down, limiting borrowing costs to interest payments monthly only on the amount drawn, and principal payments made as cash flow allows.

Term Loan Equipment Financing

We offer competitive rates and terms for funding fixed assets of all kinds. We provide innovative funding solutions including SBA 504, which provides 10 year fixed rate financing at below market rates.

Commercial Real Estate Construction Financing

We provide construction financing for developers of residential and/or commercial property at favorable terms, delivered by experienced Lenders capable of managing the process to protect you from cost over runs and job delays. Years of experienced has aligned us with construction professionals that will add value to the process – title company professionals, appraisers, architects, SBA 504 lending experts, and inspecting architects.




We offer better rates and fees by leveraging group collaboration with partners.

Built on the strength of five Chicago area credit unions, our focus is on the relationship with you and your business.

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